Descripción de cómo los valores de los atributos cambian con el tiempo en el modelo de Kano. Fuente: Craigwbrown

Kano Model for Product Management and Customer Satisfaction

Milthon Lujan Monja

The success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. The Kano model is a powerful tool that helps companies understand ...

Product Innovation: Definition, Importance, Processes, and Examples

Milthon Lujan Monja

Can you imagine how many products are launched each year? And how many of them succeed? The continuity of any ...

Representación esquemática de los pasos necesarios para producir tejidos bioimpresos y construcciones similares a órganos. Fuente: Mota et al., (2020); Chem. Rev. 2020, 120, 19, 10547-10607.

3D Bioprinting: The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Milthon Lujan Monja

Bioprinting is a revolutionary technology that utilizes 3D printers to create structures of living tissue. This emerging technology has various ...

Quality Function Deployment - House of Quality: Citizen goals and objectives regarding traffic rules education. Source: Buics et al., (2024); Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD): Product Quality Enhancement and Customer Satisfaction

Milthon Lujan Monja

Have you ever wondered how companies consistently create products that meet the needs of customers? The answer lies in a ...

What is Industry 4.0? Technologies, Applications and Examples

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Imagine a factory where machines communicate with each other, robots work alongside humans, and production is optimized in real-time. This ...

How Rapid Prototyping transforms ideas into tangible products

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In today’s fast-paced world, turning ideas into tangible products has become a paramount challenge for businesses. This is where rapid ...

Injection Molding for Plastic and Metal Industries

Milthon Lujan Monja

Industries are under tremendous pressure to innovate and produce high-quality products at a rapid rate due to market competitiveness (Samah ...

3D Printing: The Future of the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Milthon Lujan Monja

3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a rapidly growing technology that is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry worldwide and ...