Technology watch for business decision-making

Milthon Lujan Monja

Technology Watch is a crucial practice in today’s business world. It involves the systematic observation and analysis of emerging technologies ...

What is cyberloafing in the workplace?

Milthon Lujan Monja

In the current digital era, the term “cyberloafing” has become increasingly relevant. With increased internet accessibility in the workplace, employees ...

Creatividad e innovación empresarial. Las organizaciones deben fomentar una cultura innovadora entre sus empleados. Elaborado por DELL.E

Business creativity and innovation: definition, differences, management

Milthon Lujan Monja

Creativity and innovation are two indispensable pillars of success in the dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape. These intertwined forces drive ...

The Power of Circular Business Model

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In a world grappling with the consequences of a linear economy, where resources are extracted, used, and discarded, the concept ...

Gamification in Business: Strategy, Benefits, and Examples

Milthon Lujan Monja

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative strategies to engage their employees, motivate their customers, and optimize ...

El marco de innovación del modelo de lenguaje grande. Fuente: Sundberg & Holmström (2024). Business Horizons.

AI Language Models Can Drive Innovation in Companies

Milthon Lujan Monja

Imagine a tireless brainstorming partner, a walking encyclopedia that can translate languages, summarize complex ideas, and even generate new inventions. ...

AI in Sales: A Deep Dive for the Modern Sales Professional

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The sales landscape is undergoing a transformation driven by artificial intelligence (AI). While the adoption of AI is increasing among ...

Innovation Management System in the Company

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Innovation management has become a necessity for companies aiming to foster innovative processes in their products or services. Individual activities ...